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Welcome to Pick a WordPress blogging theme

Welcome to Pick a WordPress blogging theme

Welcome to Pick, a simple, clean and elegant WordPress blog theme made with awesome typography and focus on readability. Perfect for people that just want to spread their stories in an easy way. Without complicating things. Topics such as photography, food, DIY, traveling to, hobbies, fashion, crafts or tech will suit well.

Focused and Clean Design

Pick was crafted to give your audience a rich and comfortable reading experience. We removed common distractions and used a minimal design, so your users can focus solely on what’s important – your content.
Typography made for Reading

Pick ships with “Playfair Display” for headings, a clean and elegant serif font. The paragraphs content are managed with “Lato” font that remembers to the typewriters giving an a unique and handcrafted scent to your content. Everything from titles to paragraph text has been optimized for a comfortable reading experience.

Pick is a simple, clean and elegant WordPress blog theme made with awesome typography and focus on readability

A Great Blog Design for Mobile Devices

Pick features a responsive design that adapts smoothly to different screen sizes. Your content will look beautiful on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large desktop screens.

Easy-to-Use and Customize

With the Pick theme, you will get your website up and running in minutes. It’s is super simple to set up and use, allowing you more time to focus on writing. With the help of Customizer you can choose between some interesting Theme Features like Custom Backgrounds or Custom Layout and Typhograpy And Other’s theme features.

For additional options like Custom CSS, font changes, and more color palettes, you can Change it On Pick Settings Option On DashBoard.

Beautiful Widget Areas

Pick is designed to display your posts without the distraction of a sidebar. However, if you want to include widgets on your site, you can use up to three widgets areas: the Main Widget Area, which appears on the right in blog view and on pages, and other two optional Footer Widget Areas.

Social Media Menu

Pick allows you display links to your social media profiles URL, like Twitter and Facebook, with icons using a Social Links menu. You can create a new Follow Me widget under Appearance → Widget by adding links to each of your social services using the Links panel. The icons will show up automatically in the sidebar/footer after assigning the new Social menu as the “Social Links widget”.

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