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New York Times Review Of Amazing Grace

New York Times Review Of Amazing Grace

In one of the show’s clunkier transitions, young John’s headstrong nature next displays itself when he hijacks a slave auction that his father has postponed and begins merrily selling the merchandise behind Dad’s back, to the horror of his longtime sweetheart, Mary Catlett (Erin Mackey), who is instantly converted to the abolitionist cause after witnessing the brutal branding of a pregnant slave. John shrugs off her (more…)

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Capturing moments that will stay with us forever

One weird moment was when P went out while Chris was sleeping. Bad idea, it was hard to get 5 minutes alone with forced her to be straight talking with many approaching men that she just wanted to walk alone. One shop owner tried to get into some conversation, refusing to go into his shop he said that she could at least shake his hand. Okay. As she did he squeezed really hard on hers and did not let go to the point P said that he was hurting her hand. (more…)

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Mongolia – An adventure into The Gobi Desert

Having passed through the Russian border control without issue, we breathed a sigh of relief and snuggled into the first class bunks we had treated ourselves to for this journey. We had read that the Russia to Mongolia border crossing can sometimes take up to eight hours, so we were very surprised to find Mongolian immigration knocking on our door twenty minutes later. Following one more search of our cabin and after a rather stern lady immigration officer had had a good look at Ross (he had just had a haircut and clearly looked suspicious), we received our stamps (more…)

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